Holy Family Catholic Homeschoolers
Western Cuyahoga and Lorain County Ohio

Holy Family Catholic Homeschoolers Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose:
Faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and taking the Holy Family as our role model, our mission is this: 
-to welcome, encourage, engage, and support one another on the homeschooling journey;
-to provide opportunities for our children to socialize, grow in their faith, and develop friendships with other Catholic children;
-to emphasize through example and encouragement the importance of listening to God, who speaks in the silence of the heart, so that we may lead our children on the path to holiness.

Because we believe in the importance of this group and providing activities for our children, we dedicate ourselves to using our individual gifts and talents to accomplish this mission.

Knowing that each of us and our children are called to holiness, this year we take Saint Teresa of Calcutta’s words as our inspiration: “The fruit of Silence is prayer. The fruit of Prayer is faith. The fruit of Faith is love. The fruit of Love is service. The fruit of Service is peace.” 

Email: info@holyfamilych.net

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